Assaraf, Liebowitz & Co. - Law Office and Notary
The company was founded by Erez Assaraf and Ronen Leibowitz ,Our firm is a leading law firm in the fields of civil and commercial law and real estate. The motto of our firm is putting the customer at the center and performing all operations in order to maximize the outcome for the client. Our attorneys have extensive experience in the fields of civil and commercial law and real estate, where customers receive professional treatment, skilled, quick and thorough while targeting full cooperation actions carried out for them. The firm looks at each case and each file individually, and assesses objectively the odds against the risks and in accordance with the layout of the best course of action for achieving the goal for the client.

The firm's clients include businesses and corporations who receive ongoing from the date of establishment, as well as private clients benefit from professional, courteous and quality and are happy to go back and get legal services in the areas of expertise of the firm. our firm assisted CPA firms for legal services to their clients, contractors and developers, realtors.

The firm's fields of expertise:
Real Estate Law: Selling an apartment, buying a home, buying a new apartment from a contractor, registration of rights / Administration / mortgage companies, transfer of rights without compensation, transfer of rights of way divorce agreement, the purchase of investment property, commercial real estate, TMM deals "a 38, gentrification, rental agreements etc.

Commercial: commercial agreements, agreements founders, partners, Registration of companies, associations, PBC, liquidation, distribution agreements, confidentiality and non-competition, trademark registration and more.

Civil Law: contracts, wills and estates, bankruptcy, liquidation, execution.

Litigation: preparation of claims, applications found in foreclosure, compensation, prevention, claimed the interim, a declaratory suit, evacuation orders, preparation of protection, requests, depositions, summaries, representation and performance in courts and tribunals judicial various organizations such as the Guardian of land registration and more.